Celebrate Mother’s Day by Making & Tasting Chocolate!

May 8, 2019 by Ann Tuomela0


For your convenience we are recapping the descriptors for both tours one page specially for Mother’s Day for you to revisit!!!


Two and a half (2.5) hours of educational fun! The tour begins with the garden segment which includes baby cacao trees to mature trees surrounded by other wonderful agricultural products grown on the farm. You’ll learn the rich and colorful history of cacao in Hawaii.

Walking up to the top of the farm, you’ll view all the splendors of this part of the island…maybe see some goats, a random horse, or maybe some cows. Reaching the top is where the real chocolate fun begins! We show you how the fruit (cacao) is transformed into the ancient chocolate beverage that was revered and enjoyed by Mayans and Aztecs. This is a hands on demonstration for children of all ages!

Mothers Day

Wait…we’re not done! Yes, there is a 6 -7 global chocolate tasting including 2 -3 from Hawaii. Soon, we will have chocolate from Kupa’a Farms. That will be very limited, but coming soon! After all of this fun, you will have a new appreciation for chocolate and especially the scarcity of Hawaiian chocolates.

Mother's Day


This tour 3 hour is offered on Saturdays 9 am and 12 pm.

All of the above plus enhanced coffee talk with a coffee demonstration and taste of Kupa’a organic coffee. Kupa’a Farms is a coffee farm first with 450 coffee trees! Most of all, Kupa’a Farms is diversified with a completely sustainable approach to organic farming. See you all soon!

Both of these tours are available at a special rate for Mother’s Day, we are offering you 25% off our regular prices.

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