Spring has Sprung and Then Some!

April 30, 2019 by Ann Tuomela1

NEW SPRING arrival:

Maui’s newest and most fun farm tour… Maui Chocolate and Coffee Tours at Kupa’a Farms.

Spring Weather: The month of March… “in like a lion and out like a lamb”! This was very true for the island weather of Maui this year; however, February’s weather expressed mother nature’s ferocity with her extremely high winds and buckets of the much needed rain. March  weather lightened up slightly, but mother nature was still strutting her bold and strong stuff!

April, the month, not Kupa’a’s farm tour guide, delivered upcountry with a  plethora of splendid beauty. The hillsides change daily, painted by mother nature with her exquisite flowers, trees blooming, growing flocks of sheep, goats, and herds of cows…not too many fillies or colts bopping around!   Inhale all this splendor with your eyes during your drive to Kupa’a farms where they host Maui Chocolate and Coffee Tours.

Being a brand new locally owned tour company, just as any business, it takes time and patience, just like in farming from the of sowing seeds, nurturing until the full fruit or vegetables arrive! The farm and Maui Chocolate and Coffee Tours share many of these qualities; patience and also a very special symbiotic relationship. This symbiotic relationship is very similar  as to how the gliricidia tree provides nitrogen for the cacao. Come on the tour to learn exactly what this means! The farm grows coffee, cacao and mother nature’s other delicious  edible wonders. Maui Chocolate and Coffee Tours provides sustainable food for people’s brains via fun, rich, enlightening, and educational coffee, cacao, and chocolate tours.

Embrace the history of Kupa’a Farms and the history of cacao in the state of Hawaii dating back to the 1800’s. Embrace the fact that Hawaii is the only state in the United States growing cacao for chocolate production. Your guides present this rich and colorful history in a fully engaging experience! The best way to learn is by doing, and that is exactly what you do. Learn some history of cacao, then transform the fruit  into the ancient chocolate beverage enjoyed  by the Mayans and  the Aztecs. This was  not an everyday  beverage. We will introduce you to a concept used in wine tasting today…new world vs old world. The old world portion is described above, and  the new world portion is where you  travel the world by the distinctive flavors of chocolate. You will taste chocolates from the 20/20 latitude belt. These are chocolates from different latitudes with different attitudes (thank you Jimmy Buffet),  and finally you end up in Hawaii where you taste as many Hawaiian chocolates as we can wrangle up. Currently there are only a few. You WILL taste chocolates from Hawaii AND COMING SOON…from Kupa’a Farms!!!

What’s “popping”on the farm:

Cacao pods, coffee cherries, vanilla  blossoms, pineapple and the majestic kepak tree from South America. This year it bloomed the first time in 17 years! Those are just a few of the spring stars on the farm! The bougainvilleas are bursting with color as they line the driveway up to the top of the farm. Upcountry’s main spring attraction are the jacarandas jumping into bloom all over the place! This spring has been one of the best blooms in a long time…early and long lasting. Take an upcountry drive before mother’s day! Speaking of mother’s day, why not treat mom to making chocolate rather than doing the same brunch thing with hundreds of other folks. Make this mother’s day special! Give her the joy of making and enjoying chocolate from around the world including Hawaii! Make your reservation soon! There are still morning and afternoon spots available.

Thank you for taking the time to read Maui Chocolate and Coffee Tours latest news piece. You can follow us on Instagram for weekly updates. Spring is an annual rebirth for all of mother nature’s children and we want to share that with you as well as the chocolate and coffee experiences at Kupa’a Farms.

A Hui Hou! Rocking chocolate and coffee with aloha all day long!

Your chocolate and coffee enthusiasts from Maui Chocolate and Coffee Tours

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