Top Fun To Explore On Maui

September 18, 2019 by Ann Tuomela1

Top Fun to Explore on Maui

On the top of fun things to explore on Maui is  Maui Chocolate and Coffee Tours! Obviously by making it to the website, you know we offer unique and boutique chocolate and or coffee tours. Kupa’a Farms offers their organic farm tour on Fridays.

Punakea Palms is a west side coconut farm tour. According to my most reliable resources, this tour rocks! Availability is tight, so you need to plan ahead for this tour, as most farm tours.

Maui Pineapple Tour is a tour only 20 minutes from Maui Chocolate and Coffee Tours, located in Ha’alimaile. This was a great tour and perfect for the whole family.

Farmers Markets Upcountry

In Kula there are 2 great farmers markets, in case you don’t have time to do a farm tour. On Wednesdays at Waipuna Chapel, a couple of miles from Kupa’a Farms, you will find a quaint gathering of local farmers offering the freshest harvest from the farm that week! You will find Kupa’a Farms offering many of their organic veggies plus their organic coffee, lilikoi spread and assorted goodies made from what’s been plucked from the ground, trees or vines.

Saturdays you will find Upcountry Farmers market at the Longs Center, Kulumalu on the border of Makawao and Kula. Lots of the vendors offer a plethora of yummy treats for your tummy so come hungry!

Snorkel Excursions

Forever popular are snorkel excursions. Departing from Ka’anapali Beach are several boat tour operators heading to west side coastal sites and in the summer Honolua Bay. Honolua Bay is only accessible during the summer months, as in the winter it is one of the top surfing spots in the world with the north swells that come in winter.

The coral in this bay is the most pristine, and major efforts are excersized to keep it that way. The array of sealife is most incredible making the coral and sealife combination beautiful beyond one’s imagination. One of my favorite snorkel boat operators is the Teralani Sailing Adventures departing from Ka’anapali beach. These are luxury sailing catamarans that offer a full array of sailing packages from snorkel adventures to sunset cruises.

Lanai is also a very popular excursion with most boats departing from Lahaina Harbor. My favorite is the Alihilani with their sailing, snorkel and private picnic lunch packed for your own island exploration.

Private Excursions

You have had quite a trip getting to Maui, so now why not have your own private excursion where you design your own adventure, or let them help you decide. Unique Maui Tours is a fairly new operator, but has taken the lead with their expert and entertaining guides. They will customize your Maui Adventure! Definitely, always let someone drive you to Hana so you can experience that adventure to its fullest!


The sister company to Unique Maui Tours is Explore Maui Nature. They offer bird watching and light hiking in Haleakala National Park as well as other parts of central and south Maui. This excursion is great for even those with a mild interest in birding! I went a couple of months ago and had soooo much fun!

For You Bloggers… A Brief Marketing Note

Is blogging one of the top fun things to explore on Maui? If you are a blogger, yes, check out these top fun adventure ideas on Maui! Bloggers…read on!If you are taking time to enjoy these blogs, you may have found that we cover some marketing concepts as well. First of all, TLDR, is real! However, in driving a young business’s website, lengthy editorial and pictorial blogs help drive the SEO. Again, all of this is fairly new to this author. Tutoring from Charles Oreve, the CEO of The XConcept , is proving to be quite fruitful!

The XConcept

One of the concepts from The XConcept is that if you have more time than dollars to spend in a particular arena, use your time to save the dollars, if you can more than adequately do the task at hand. How does this apply here?  Well, this author had the time but was lacking in motivation. Also, we are told not to get too personal, but sometimes the personal story is effective. In one of the company’s instagrams there was reference to becoming a “hipster” due to a total hip replacement…humor and personal story is okay.

Personal Blogging Note

The surgical procedure left me lacking motivation but only for the short term,  so that is why this month’s blog is right on time! Writing is fun for me, and I am hoping that with each piece  you find improvement. With that all being said, let’s get to the crux of this month’s entertaining and informative blog…Top Fun to Explore on Maui. Also, with each piece, hopefully people may stumble upon stories  that are useful and entertaining.

Marketing Goal for Farm Tours

Our marketing goal is to reach visitors who have been to Maui several times and also  kama’aina (folks who live here). With some luck we may even reach first time visitors! Repeat visitors are looking for new things to do on the island. Farm tours are popular in the Hawaiian islands as well as world wide. These islands are the most isolated place on the planet, and at one time they were completely self sustained.

The people who voyaged here many, many, many years ago from Polynesia brought plants for farming and their skill sets for fishing and hunting. Today’s islanders are in the process of coming full circle in wanting to be self sustained once again. This is a mighty slow and unfortunately very political process.

Pick Your Fun and A Hui Hou

Hopefully you found some new and unique activity  suggestions in reading this blog. As always,  thank you for your time in digesting these heartfelt and entertaining pieces!

A hui hou! (until next time!) We will continue to keep rocking chocolate and coffee with aloha all day long ~

Your dedicated chocolate and coffee team at Maui Chocolate & Coffee Tours at Kupa’a Farms



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